Welcome to Promo Deli!

Despite the tasty sounding name, Promo Deli is not a sandwich shop. So if you were craving a pastrami on rye, we’re fresh out.

We ARE a promotional products company and we can put your logo on just about anything. We also think that this Earth that we live on is a pretty cool place and because of that we’re committed to doing what we can to preserve it. We’re not granola-crunching tree-huggers; we just want to make it easier for you to make better choices when it comes to promotional products!

At Promo Deli you’ll find a selection of more than 700,000 promotional items. Our recommendations and quotes will always include a more environmentally-friendly option when available. And we’ll be your expert source for advice on what makes one green product better than another, or better than its non-green alternative.

We promise to make ordering promotional items quick, easy and accurate. On top of all that, we have great ideas. Give us a little information about your target audience, event, meeting, product launch and budget and we’ll come up with some perfect promotions.

You can search our promotional database if you have something in mind. Browse our featured products to see our current recommendations. Or talk to us, and we’ll find something for you.

Nope, sorry…still can’t get that BLT for you. But we will whip up some great green promotional ideas for you, fresh from the DELI.

Jean Rivaldi

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